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British-born, Burgundy educated Alex Dale spent many years living and working in Burgundy after he finished his studies. When he moved to South Africa in 1994 after Nelson Mandela was elected President, Alex maintained his ties with his previous homeland and visited often. Frustrated with the lack of good, international wines on the South African  scene and after introducing many of his South African friends to the outstanding wines of Burgundy, Alex realised there was untapped potential here and started to bring in a selection of his favourite producers' wines. In the following years, the selection has grown significantly to include wines from all over France, Europe and the New World.

As founder and owner of Radford Dale winery in Stellenbosch, Alex travels the world extensively each year and on his intrepid adventures he seeks out new and exciting wines from the foothills of Etna in Sicily to the shores of Tasmania, south of Australia and beyond, to bring into South Africa. Alex targets interesting producers who share his philosophy about viticulture and wine-making; letting the land decide and allowing nature to express itself without the interference of man, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Most of the wines we import are minimal intervention with little or no use of additives, lower alcohol and reflect the terroirs and sites where the grapes grow. Alex believes wine should provide refreshment (it is a beverage after all!) and hopes that you enjoy copiously the spoils of his travels!

Alex Dale


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