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Château Brane Cantenac

Founded in the 18th century by the Gorce family, who gave it its original name, this great wine estate was producing one of the most highly regarded wines of the Medoc well before the 1855 classification. The high price of its wines gave the estate its rank at the top of the second classed growths. Sold in 1866 to the Roy family, who were also the owners of Château d’Issan, Brane continued to prosper, before it was bought by the Société des Grands Crus de France (a consortium of merchants and growers) in 1920.
The 15 hectares behind the chateau grounds make up the historic heart of the estate. The soils are sandy-gravel, with large pebbles. Replanting of vines in recent years has enabled optimal matching of grape variety and rootstock with the specific composition of these soils. Although the wines produced in this plot have a different tannic structure to those produced on the plateau, they are of excellent quality and mostly go into our First Wine.
Since Henri Lurton took over in 1992, he has made it his mission to produce the best possible wine, reinforcing Brane’s position as a second classified growth in 1855. The result is a fine wine that perfectly expresses its remarkable terroir.