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Château Dominique

Located in the northwest part of Saint-Emilion, next to the Pomerol appellation, Château La Dominique has been a well-reputed estate for many years. Bordered by prestigious neighbours in a "cultural landscape" designated a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999, this 29-hectare estate is extremely well-situated. A Saint-Emilion grand cru classé, La Dominique has never stopped reinventing itself. For instance, an avant-garde cellar designed by world famous architect Jean Nouvel was housed in the traditional 18th century château in 2013. The vat room is now an integral part of the historic building, perfectly illustrating the estate's desire to respect the past while keeping up with the times. After renovating the vineyard and modernising the winemaking facilities, the Fayat family felt that it was also important to make Château la Dominique a place for social interaction, tastings, etc., and opened a convivial restaurant there

As in all beautiful stories, one look was enough for successive owners of La Dominique to be smitten with this magnificent Saint Emilion estate and commit to making the most of it. Called "Durieu" in the early 17th century, the property was acquired by the Glenne family and named "Dominique" by Jacques and Isabeau Micheau in 1690. A subsequent owner, merchant Henri Greloud, added the definite article "La" in the mid-19th century. He is said to have done so because of his love for the Caribbean island of Dominica (or "La Dominique" in French).