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Château Mangot

Behind 60 years of family traditions hides 5 centuries of history. Since 1556, the Mangot vineyard has been listed as a renowned wine-growing estate. From 1989 to 1998, Anne-Marie and Jean Guy Todeschini completely transformed the vineyards at Mangot (re-structuring, re-planting, terracing, and drainage works). Year after year, and finally obtained the GRAND CRU label for the estate’s 34 hectares. In 2008, Karl and Yann, Anne-Marie and Jean-Guy’s sons, joined Mangot and have managed the estate since.
They vinify with minimal intervention, as naturally as possible, with no need for biotechnology or "tricks of the trade".
Native yeast and a very limited amount of sulphites, used wisely and appropriately allow the wines to reveal all the typical character of the terroir. It is not a question of doing nothing, but of gently guiding them as and when necessary. After more than a year maturing in tanks and/or barrels, they age the wines in the bottle for 5 to 7 years depending on the cuvee.