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Dalrymple Estate

Dalrymple Vineyards was established by Bertel and Anne Sundstrup in 1987. They were visionaries, travelling to France for inspiration and guidance. Situated in the heart of the highly acclaimed Pipers River region of northeast Tasmania, almost equidistant from Launceston, Scottsdale and George Town, the Sundstrups planted their vines on sloping hills that overlook Bass Strait – the wild sea separating Tasmania from the mainland.
Amidst the raging southern seas, sits the island of Tasmania, rugged yet bountiful. Tasmania’s very juxtaposition with the rest of world is the thing that makes it so valuable and precious.
Its pristine valleys and forests, rivers and streams generate fine produce that tastes so clean and fresh they awaken your senses – then there’s the wine, born from deep minerally soils, subtle, decadent, elusive, refined – anything but ordinary.