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Domaine Amiot Guy et fils

One family, one tradition rooted in Burgundy tradition and terroir since 1920, generation after generation, the Amiot family has plunged their roots in the soil and terroir of Chassagne-Montrachet.
Arsène and Flavie Amiot, founders of the estate, initiated a wine vocation that has reached the 4th generation represented today by their great grandsons, Thierry and Fabrice.
Thanks to the maintenance of the business by the family sons who share the running of the Domaine, the vineyards have remained owned by the family. Planted between 1920-1930, their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have naturally low yields. Great care is given to the vines, from pruning to harvest in order to express the true terroir identity of each plot.

Arsène Amiot and his wife Flavie lived in Paris where they ran a laundry factory. Their interest in Burgundy arose in 1920 and they bought a house with amenities in the village and set up Domaine Amiot with the purchase of the first plots : Les Vergers, le Clos Saint Jean, les Caillerets and Dents de Chien (to become le Montrachet Grand Cru in 1937).
Before moving his family to Chassagne, Arsène employed local vintner “Père Robe” to look after the property, tend the vines, make wines and start bottling « à la propriété », which was a rare practice at that time. It was customary for most vintners to sell all their wine in bulk each vintage, via a broker, to a wine merchant in Beaune or Nuits-Saint-Georges. The merchant would age the wines, bottle them and sell them back to a Paris retailer.
Being a shrewd businessman, Arsène decided to open a wine retail shop in Paris to sell Amiot wines bottled in Chassagne. This new way of selling direct to the final consumer was a success: orders increased and so the Domaine needed to grow to meet demand.
After World War II, the family purchased premium plots in Chaumées ‘Clos Saint Abdon' in Chassagne and Demoiselles in Puligny which raised Amiot’s status, in France and abroad. Pierre Amiot and his wife Simone devoted their life to the vineyards, winemaking and building the following for their wines for the domestic market.
Pierre's son, Guy, began making the wines in 1985 having gained experience outside of Burgundy (Jura, Provence), and brought a new style to the wines which led to international recognition and developed their sales in export markets. Today the domaine is run by Guy’s two sons: Thierry is dedicated to the vineyards and winemaking while Fabrice develops business in France and abroad.

A note from Alex Dale: White Burgundy is arguably the most collectable white wine in the world. Combine that with a recognised, awesome white wine vintage like 2016 and you have the makings of something special. Not least when the Producer is such a good one. Unlike some of the more mediatic and headline-grabbing Producers, Domaine Guy Amiot in Chassagne-Montrachet is one of the most unsung heroes of the Appellation. Current generation Thierry Amiot, modest and down-to-earth that he is, single-handedly makes wines which are mineral, precise, flawless and totally inspiring. Les Caillerets is one of the very best 1er Cru vineyards in Chassagne-Montrachet and a stone’s throw from the greatest white wine of them all : Le Monrachet Grand Cru. Which, by the way, costs up to ten times the price ! This wine will age beautifully for at least a couple of decades -I have tasted white wines like this in Thierry’s cellar, from his Domaine, going back 3 generations…