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Domaine Andre Perret

Verlieu-Chavanay is a small village 50 km south of Lyon, and is the place where André Perret is located. His passion for vines made this Biology graduate return to this village, where he succeeded his father in 1982. The farmland, then mainly occupied by fruit-trees, located on the right bank of the river Rhône and thus enjoying the best climate of the appellation, was planted with vine-stocks and extended to 13 hectares. André is willing to preserve terroir and nature, even if this involves difficulties such as terrace cultivation of the vines on steep hillsides. He is also keen to avoid systematic treatments of his vines; pesticides are only used as and when required. Yields are controlled too, in order to achieve the quality and authenticity requirements that he himself has fixed.
The vine-covered hills produce the grapes for the Côtes du Rhône vintages. André Perret’s Condrieu, Saint Joseph or varietal wines have flavours and aromas expressing the exceptional growing conditions of the vines and the meticulous attention given to the making of the wine.