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Domaine Clape

The historic buildings of Domaine Clape date back from the 19th century. In 1925, Antoinette Frugier inherited the estate, at a time where their wines were still only sold to wine traders. In 1949, her daughter Ariette took over after her mother, with the help of her husband Auguste Clape. The vineyard only covered 4 Ha then, but since the 1970s, the Auguste Clape estate has gained fame. Auguste's son, Pierre, got involved in the estate in 1988, keeping on the sustainable viticulture way of working the vines that his parents had initiated. The vines are treated with sulphur and copper. In 2002, his son Olivier joined Domaine Auguste Clape.
Domaine Clape's cuvees can be described as traditional wines of the Cornas designation. The vineyard now covers 8 Ha, including 0.5 Ha of white Marsanne grape variety on the Saint Peray Protected Designation of Origin. The Syrah terraced plots are located on Cornas’ granite hillsides, on natural slopes up to 50-60% (where it's therefore impossible to use machines or tractors). These plots are ideally located in the best areas of the Cornas designation. These vines produce remarkable pure Rhone red wines, that are true examples of the greatest Syrah from Northern Rhone Valley, with wonderful ageing potential. Clape's Grande Cuvee is a true standard of the Cornas designation, which is incisive, and distinguished wine. The Renaissance cuvee can be enjoyed in its young years and could be seen as an introduction to the estate's great wines. The winemaking process is traditional and natural, with as low intervention as possible. The wines are produced on a single-plot basis, from wholes bunches, and they are aged in big old oak barrels called "foudres". The result speaks for itself: powerful red wines that can go through the years, greatly expressing the full amplitude of the Cornas terroir. A real model for the designation. The Cornas Protected Designation of Origin being very small, the prices of these wines have been slightly going up over the last 5 to 8 years.