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Domaine Dominique Piron

Dominique Piron’s oldest known ancestor was born in Morgon en 1590. Since then, there have been 14 generations of wine growers in the family.
Morgon and Moulin à Vent wines have long been renowned among France’s finest wines.
In a vineyard with difficult terrain− 30% steep slopes and a virtual patchwork of parcels, Dominique Piron is engaged in sustainable winegrowing. On winegrowing land filled with old broken-down granite and schist, the watchwords are natural balance and biodiversity.
For vinification, his goal is to create terroir wines, wines of character, that remain fruity, subtle and elegant.

Morgon wines are solid but never hard. They are racy and elegant. They always have a slight hint of black cherry (some would say kirsch, as the wine ages), and bright spicy notes. With their great structure, Morgon wines keep very well.

Dominique Piron is the president of Inter-Beaujolais, the professional association of Beaujolais producers and growers. His wine was the first Beaujolais served at Alex's wine bar in Beaune, Pickwick's in 1990.