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Domaine Rene Mosse

Domaine Mosse is a family-run leading organic and natural wine producer in the Loire Valley. Agnès and René Mosse believe that only the combination of organic cultivation and natural winemaking makes it possible to produce authentic wines. Invention is what the Mosse family focuses on, ever since they started cultivating vines in 1999 after they bought a plot of land in the hills by the Layon river. The soil was heavily contaminated with pesticides and weed killers and deserved a new life.
According to their philosophy, wine results from the cultivation of the vine on the one hand: Organic farming makes it possible to obtain a healthy plant and healthy fruits, therefore suitable for consumption and it is the pledge of the preservation of the environment and of the ecosystem, and winemaking on the other hand: Our winemaking method is "natural", banning interventionist oenology.
In the vineyard, they plow. It is hard work but allows for the burial of herbs and the aeration of the soil, which promotes the life of micro-organisms. Treatments against mildew and powdery mildew are biological. They use nettles and comfrey herb to help promote the vines, help to resist diseases and revive the microbial life of the soil. Tillage and the organic vineyard make the soil alive and reveals the soil in the wines.
Although only Agnes and René’s names feature on the labels, their two sons are each pursuing a winemaking future, and both have trained abroad to gain much needed experience with their grapes: Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Last year they made their own wine following their parent’s formula, no chaptalization, no enzymes, no inoculated yeast, no additives, and very few sulphites but with a little innovation and experimentation of their own thrown in to the mix.
The Mosses are certified Biologique by Qualite France.