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Domaine Vignobles Verzier

The farm estate has belonged to the Verzier family since 1828.
It is situated at the top of the hillsides overlooking the village of Chavanay, just next to the statue ‘Madone d’Izeras’ and is surrounded by Saint Joseph and Condrieu vineyards. Chavanay is on the right bank of the river Rhône and is approximately 50km south of Lyon.
Philippe, the youngest of seven children, became particularly attached to his family’s old vines and in 1988, at the young age of 19, he took over the estate.
At that time, the farm estate cultivated cereals, grew fruits, had vineyards plus bred cows and goats. However, Philippe wanted to devote himself exclusively to winemaking so started off with 2,5 Ha of Saint Joseph which he inherited from his father, Jean.
He started to plant some vines on terraces overlooking the river Rhône just next to the Madone statue, notably his first Condrieu vineyard. He stopped giving the grape harvest to the cooperative and vinified his first wines in 1988 himself, in the wine cellar which he had converted.
The small estate has grown and today covers 10 Ha. Maxime, Philippe and Isabelle’s son, joined them in 2016 after some professional experience in Alsace, Burgundy, Canada and South Africa with us! Maxime is very attached to his ‘terroir’ and he contributes with his new ideas and experiments that he has discovered during his trips abroad.
Their traditional know-how and permanent questioning at every harvest season allow them to evolve towards more and more authentic wines and ways of cultivation.