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Domaine de la Garenne

Thirty years ago the visionary mayor of the village of Azé in the Maconnais region in southern Burgundy had the great idea of offering the uncultivated land on top of the famous Azé prehistorical grotto. Judicious wine investors took advantage of this opportunity and the Domaine de la Garenne* was born, finding its bucolic and wise name in the local land Registry.
In 2008, Eliane and René Beaumont together with their children had the chance to get involved in the project of Domaine de la Garenne on the side of Bertrand and Christiane Devillard, heirs of Marquis de Jouenne in Mercurey, whose family had been in the wine business for centuries already.
This ventured has been sealed by the marriage of Amaury Devillard and Pauline Beaumont.
At that time Amaury was developing sales of Burgundy wines all over the world and he was looking for white Maconnais wines, as they were very popular as aperitif wines. Concurrently the Beaumont family was looking for some vineyards in the Maconnais region and the Domaine de la Garenne was on sale: the opportunities matched and a new destiny was set for the Domaine de la Garenne thanks to the competence of the Devillard team and the winemaker Robert Vernizeau.
The reputation of the Domaine got quickly better and better and the quality of its wine has been recognized by several awards, the most recent being the election as part of the top 10 Chardonnays from Burgundy, vintage 2010, by the British “Decanter Magazine”. Nowadays the Garenne is distributed not only in North America but also in Japan, China, Great Britain, northern European countries and yet in Brazil.
The Beaumont family, Eliane and René together with their daughter Pauline and Amaury are happy and proud to represent their beloved southern Burgundy through the Domaine de la Garenne. The Garenne estate acts today as a worldwide ambassador of its region.