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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre grew up in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. For 10 years, she cut hair in Melbourne, and one of her clients was the wife of Aussie wine critic Jeremy Oliver, which opened the door for her to go to work in Burgundy (she did vintage there in 1998). When she got back she met wine merchant Philip Rich and got a job at his Prince Wine Store. She started doing vintages at various wineries in Australia, New Zealand and Burgundy. Eventually she decided to move to Burgundy, which she did in 2004, and where she ran the domaine and made the wines at Domaine Newman until it was sold in 2019, as well as running her own micro-negociant operation (since 2011, she shares a winery with Dominique Lafon).

She has a personal love for Beaujolais and when setting up her own business in Burgundy, she was adamant she wanted to make her two favourite Beaujolais cru: Fleurie and Chiroubles.