2014 A very big thank you to September ! Under the influence of a soft and damp winter and hot and dry spring, the vine growth cycle began earlier than usual, by the end of March. Therefore, 2014 was immediately placed among the earliest vintages of the last two decades. But this changed overnight. On Saturday, 28th June, a violent hailstorm that we will hardly forget soon, has destroyed the heart of the C�te de Beaune together with Burgundy producers' optimism regarding the beautiful 2014 vintage potential. From this date, the weather conditions throughout July and August were particularly marked by high humidity and cool temperatures (especially in August) ... and then a miracle happened!!! From 1st September long awaited summer finally arrived. Thanks to dry, warm and sunny weather most grapes reached the desired maturity. Pinot Noir demanded great vigilance in choosing the optimal harvest date and required a very rigorous sorting. As for Chardonnay, patience paid off and it was picked when it reached an equilibrium between perfect maturity and excellent health. We started harvests on Tuesday, 16th September. The first tastings feature fruity and delicate red wines and extraordinarily aromatic, fresh and lively white wines. G R A P E V A R I E T Y & P L O T S I Z E Grape variety : 100% Pinot Noir on a 0.49 hectare plot T E R R O I R A very mature, deep soil with brown topsoil Subsoil of large, fractured limestone blocks East-facing sun exposure V I N I F I C A T I O N & A G E I N G The grapes were handpicked into small crates, then sorted and totally destemmed. The wine stayed on the skins for 18 days in temperature-controlled open oak vats. Pigeage (punching down the cap) was done twice a day during alcoholic fermentation. 100% malolactic fermentation 100% ageing in oak barrels Duration of barrel ageing : 19 months

Chambertin Grand Cru

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  • Domaine Jacques Prieur