A delightful spring and exceptional flowering Thanks to the mild spring, followed by an incredibly warm and sunny month of June, flowering during the last week of May took place quickly and very evenly. A splendid summer, hot and dry The hot and dry month of July confirmed the potential of the vintage. Despite some peaks in temperature, this did not stress the vines due to lack of water. The abundant rains in winter had supplied ample water in reserve to see the vineyard through the hot weather. Conditions were totally normal throughout the month of August. The mid-point of veraison was reached during the first week of August. The weather in September was especially favorable for both Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon at the critical time of maturation. The chemical analysis on the 7th of September showed that the Merlot was at exactly the same level as it had been in 2009, and the Cabernet Sauvignon exceeded all expectations. The berries ripened gradually in the most optimal way to produce complexity and preserve freshness. A seamless harvest Merlot : September 21 - 29 / Cabernet Sauvignon : September 30 - October 6 Harvest took place under brilliant sunshine and was calm and stressless. The berries were ripe and juicy with tight skins generously packed with fruit. The tannins were silky and refined. �Haute Couture� Vinification Fermentation progressed in the traditional way with very gentle pumping over to preserve the structure and freshness of the grapes. Three weeks of maceration were followed by malolactic fermentation, further custom-tailored for each grape variety. By mid-November, we were ready to fill the barrels. Blending By the beginning of February, the final blends of Chateau d�Issan and Blason d�Issan had been determined after many weeks of meticulous tasting with our team. The 2015 vintage is like no other, but is a faithful and lovely rendition of its authentic Margaux terroir. All in all, this 2015 was an ideal vintage to celebrate 70 years of harvests at Chateau d�Issan. 2015 2015, our 70 th harvest w w w . c h a t e a u - i s s a n . c o m ANALYSIS Alcohol (% vol.) Acidity (g/l H2SO4) Ph Polyphenols Ch.d�ISSAN 13.82 3.05 3.85 72 BLASON D�ISSAN 13.73 3.16 3.69 61 BLEND Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Yeld (hl/Ha) New barrels Proportion 1st/2nd Ch.d�ISSAN 65% 35% 40 50% 55% BLASON D�ISSAN 60% 40% 40 35% 45%


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