Plots : this white Mercurey is coming from 6 different plots accross the village. Climat & Sol : the diversity and tipicity of each plot reflect their richness in this white Mercurey. The soil is mainly composed in clay and limestone with a limestone predominance. WINEMAKING To preserve their integrity, grapes are carefully harvested and sorted out by hand. Full clusters. Following the pneumatic press, juices stay in a vat overnight for a cool settling down and then are directly filled in barrels by gravity. AGING Fermentations and aging are taking place for 70% in traditional Burgundian 228 litres barrels with 10% of new barrels and 30% in stainless steel vats for 10 months. We only use light toasted French oak coming mainly from Bourgogne, Allier and Vosges forests. Light filtration before bottling.


  • Chateau de Chamirey