2015 Exceptional sunshine! The year 2015 profited from completely exceptional climatic conditions with surplus sunning, very weak pluviometry and very high temperatures in June and July. The strong luminosity and heat marked this year with accelerated vegetative cycle and certain stages such as flowering at the beginning of June and ripening at the beginning of August were fulgurating. Harvests at Domaine Jacques Prieur started on 3rd September for Chardonnays and on 7th September for the Pinot Noirs. 2015 can be illustrated as an extremely early vintage and it stands next to 2003, 2007 and 2011. The first tastings show generous white wines and refined red wines. G R A P E V A R I E T Y & P L O T S I Z E Grape variety : 100% Chardonnay on a 0.59 hectare plot T E R R O I R Very sunny, located halfway up the slope, with perfect drainage. East-by-Southeast sun exposure. Thin, stony, sodium-rich soil. White marl outcrops. V I N I F I C A T I O N & A G E I N G Whole bunches of grapes were handpicked into small crates and pressed in a pneumatic winepress. The juice was cold settled after pressing for 12-14 hours under temperaturecontrolled conditions. Alcoholic fermentation and ageing took place entirely in oak barrels. 100% malolactic fermentation Duration of barrel ageing : 21 months

Montrachet Grand Cru

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  • Domaine Jacques Prieur