Burn Cottage Vineyard is a natural northeast-facing amphitheatre at the south end of the Pisa Range in the Cromwell Basin. The site is to the west of Lake Dunstan, and just south of the 45th Parallel. Elevation 240-310 metres. The soils are derivatives of broken down schist and granite, old river beds and outwash of ancient glaciers. They�re classified as free draining sandy loams, with the steeper slopes having more rock and gravel, and lower elevations slightly heavier soils. Vine age 10-12 years. The vineyard and property are managed utilising biodynamic principles. Northburn Vineyard is located in the Cromwell Basin on the east bank of Lake Dunstan. Gently sloping northwest to southeast. Elevation 200 -257 metres. Soils are a mix of glacial fans and washes previously used for alluvial gold: stony loams, river stones, clays and schist. Vine age 13-17 years. The site is managed according to organic principles. Mark II Vineyard is located in the foothills of the Pisa range north of Lowburn, around 12km from Cromwell. It is set on north- and east-facing slopes at elevations of 250-350 metres. The blocks are differentiated by soil and aspect. They originate from tertiary glacial deposits: fine clays, schist, quartz, manganite and free-draining gravel loams. Vine age 15 years. Sustainably farmed. This is a blend of fruit from three vineyards. Some 35% came from from both the Burn Cottage and Northburn vineyards, and the remaining 30% was sourced from the Mark II site. The fruit, of which 22% went in as whole clusters, spent an average of 19 days in the fermenter, followed by maturation in French oak (25% new) from Mercurey and Damy cooperages.

Moonlight Race Pinot Noir

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