Luscious and intense, this gloriously indulgent dessert wine is made from Muscat grapes that are picked late for sweetness and aged in barrels for up to 10 years. WINEMAKING / VITICULTURE Made predominantly from the brown, red and black sports of the Muscat Blanc � Petits Grains grape. Briefly fermented on skins to soften and release the flavours from the shrivelled and partially raisined berries. After draining and pressing, the fermentation is arrested by fortification with neutral grape spirit to retain the varietal flavours and liqueur sweetness in the wine. The vintage wines are then put into small oak barrels to mature, producing complex wines with raisin and fruitcake flavours. After many years of maturation, a selection of older and younger wines are judiciously blended to produce a complex and balanced wine displaying fruit and aged characters. The base blend, from which the Antique Muscat is bottled, is regularly re-blended to perpetuate the consistency and complexity of this classic style from year to year.

Muscat (375ml)

  • Yalumba