� Terroir � (soil): Garonne Gravel Harvest: Hand-picked and sorted at the vineyard Ageing: Wooden barrels for 18 months (75% new wood) Blending: 71 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 26 % Merlot, 2 % Cabernet Franc, 1 % Petit Verdot Production: 66% of the harvest A variable winter and a cool rainy spring, failed to make up the water deficit that had accumulated over several years. Hot and dry weather ensued with the occasional peaks in temperature from july 15th to september 24th further accentuating the water deficit. These particular climatic conditions brought about local difficulties, prompting disparities in maturity with small berries. Following a similar pattern to the flowering, veraison remained slow. Our soils, consisting as they do of a combination of deep gravels and a sizeable clayey layer, allayed the negative effect of the considerable water deficit. They helped maintain a regular level of sugar even in very dry conditions. The grapes remained very healthy until the last week of september but rain at the end of the month hastened the start of harvesting on September27th and through to October 18th. 2012 offers wines in a classic style, balanced and full bodied.


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