The winter of 20152016 was characterized by its mildness and high rainfall; the vines were therefore given a relatively short pause in their growth cycle. It was only due to a lowering of temperatures in March that bud break arrived just one week earlier than usual. These cool, wet conditions continued until June, which did not augur well for flowering. The risk of disease was very high. Fortunately, flowering was uniform and abundant, and took place in the first half of June in perfect conditions with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. It was the start of the creation of a great vintage. Spread over a month, with some pauses dictated by the various ripening dates of the different terroirs and grape varieties, the 2016 harvests were the latest in Ch�teau Beychevelle�s history. They took place in perfect weather conditions. The quality of the harvest was exceptional: the grapes were ripe, healthy and flavourful.

Saint Julien

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  • Ch�teau Beychevelle