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Aux Lieux - Dits - Gigondas

Aux Lieux - Dits - Gigondas

Domaine Santa Duc




This cuvee reflects all our locations in Gigondas. It gets its character through the connection between eight different
vineyards and four typical grape varieties of the Rhône Valley.
Alluvial soils, red and blue clay, as well as marl lime, add to the taste and
fragrance of this elegant and expressive wine as do the grape varieties of
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault. Each terroir contributes to the overall picture with its character. Typically characterized by fresh fruit and noble, vegetal aromas in its youth, it usually develops a bouquet of exotic spices after a few years of bottle storage.
Varieties : Grenache 75 %, Syrah 10 %, Mourvèdre 13 %,
Cinsault 2 %. (40 years old vines).
Vinification : Hand picked and sorted, partly destemmed, short maceration, soft punching-down and pumpings over.
Ageing : The wine ages during 18 months, first in large oak tuns, then in concrete tanks before bottling.
Terroir : Aluvial, quaternary, stony red clay soils in the localities called : Les Hautes Garrigues, Les Carbonnières, Les Rocassières, Santa Duc, Les Pailleroudas, Les Routes.
Blue clay in the locality called : Goujard et Plane.
Calcareous marly soils from the Cretaceous in the locality called : Derrière Vieille.





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