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Condrieu Chaillets

Condrieu Chaillets

Domaine Yves Cuilleron




Cave Cuilleron is, above all, a family estate. A passion for wine has been in their genes for three generations.
For decades, the domaine has undertaken traditional, straightforward vinification. Cuilleron’s main ingredients? Hand picking of grapes, meticulous sorting in situ, alcoholic fermentation using only wild yeasts, and ageing in oak.
The business may be growing, but remains deeply attached to the traditional principles of cap-punching and open-vat pumpovers. They use no oenological products, and technology is kept to the bare minimum.
Yves articulates his vision of the terroir through the wines he makes. From plot to bottle, many decisions are required to express this vision and arrive at wines that satisfy his expectations. A Cuilleron wine bears the imprint of its terroir: it has an original character. Although a large vat room has been built, we have kept many small vats used for single-plot vinification. Although Yves seeks an overarching harmony in the range, the Cuilleron touch lends each wine its own style. They do not focus on a single cuvée and establish a hierarchy; instead, each product is bespoke – the word that best defines us.
Selection of Condrieu plots on the biotite granite terroir. On this soil, the Viognier expresses itself with great minerality and elegance. “Les Chaillets” is the local name for the terraces.
100% Viognier biotite granite
Viticulture: planted in high density (8,000-10,000 vines per ha). Treatments limited to the maximum depending on the weather, no insecticide to preserve biodiversity, little fertilizer and only organic. Control of vigor and yields, leaf stripping, green harvest for better grape maturation. Disbudding in spring. Vinification and aging: manual harvest, plot vinification and traditional. Use of wine products as little as possible (indigenous yeasts). Vinification (alcoholic and malolactic fermentation) and aging 50% in wooden casks of 30 hectolitres and 50% in Burgundy barrels without racking, 8 months on lees. Blending of the different plots before bottling.







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