North of the Great Dividing Range the region is at elevations between 160 and 380 metres (520 and 1,250 ft). The climate and soils are strongly influenced by the Mount Camel range that extends from Corop to Tooborac. For the most part, the soil under vine is Cambrian - red and deep with excellent water holding capacity. These calcium-rich red soils are made up of weathered "greenstone" and are prized for their water retention capabilities. While they drain freely, enough water is held in the soil to feed the vine throughout the growing season, and there is rarely need for irrigation in Heathcote.
Small, concentrated grapes are the result, and they make rich, concentrated wines. The soils are also notable because they impart deep intrinsic characters almost a sense of place or terroir to the wines. Some vignerons do not irrigate, aiming for smaller fruit that is intensely rich in flavour. The region’s rainfall is evenly distributed between the seasons and the temperature range is defined as temperate, with cooling winds emanating from the south resulting in summer temperatures two to three degrees cooler than nearby Bendigo.



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