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RADFORD DALE IMPORTS is the fine wine arm of the innovative Stellenbosch-based RADFORD DALE winery. For over two decades, RADFORD DALE has imported into South Africa wines from like-minded producers from some of the finest vineyards of the world, many of whom have been life-long friends of founder Alex Dale. Typically,  the selection is composed principally of artisanal growers and small producers, specialists in their sites, with only a small handful of larger but philosophically inspirational producers. The selection is never made from printed lists or following press acclaim or points scored, but the result of visits to wine regions, tastings in person, vineyard walk-abouts, meals, feasts, memories, late nights and friendships. There is a common thread between the producers and the wines of the RADFORD DALE IMPORTS selection, linking the finest proponents of a given appellation with those of neighbouring and far-flung regions alike, all driven by the love of wines of balance and of provenance. Our list is most definitely intended for drinkers of great wines -and not for collectors of labels.  

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